A Place Like No Other

The summer in the Fex-valley is a paradise for flower lovers and people who enjoy hiking.

From mid-June, our flora will be at its most splendid and the natural flower meadows will bloom in their most beautiful splendor.
Slowly the hikers can also climb the higher trails and the mountain bikers can indulge in their passion.

And when was the last time you dammed a mountain stream?
Become a child again and build new landscapes in the creek bed of the Ova da Fex at Alp Muot Selvas.
Or look over the shoulder of the farmers, help with the hay or show your children and grandchildren where the milk comes from.
The farming families in the Fex are happy to give you an insight into their work.

Lovers of silence are in the right place either way, the tranquility of the Fex Valley invites you to read, write, paint and generally let your mind wander.
Nature watchers will enjoy the marmots, deer, deer and chamois can also be seen here. You need a bit more luck for the wild rabbits or the black grouse. The eagle and the bearded vulture circle majestically and if you are very lucky you can see the "Fexer Wurzelfratz" or the "Wolpertinger".

Summer season 2020 - 06th June until 25th October 2020.

Fex, 7514 Sils im Engadin/Segl, Switzerland
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